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In 2010 my wife and I purchased a 31 foot tuna fishing boat that had been haul out and unused for a couple years and brought it back to a working vessel over six months.  We replaced the engine with a new Yanmar shipped in from the USA and modified the holding wells to work better while out at sea.

We did a lot of repairs and modifications onboard both interior, exterior and to the hull.  The boat was in Grenada Marine while we worked on it.  Once finished she was launched and went to work doing long line fishing. From this experience I was able to put together a team of skilled fiber glass workers and we started to offer our services to other fishermen and local boats.  We worked in various boat yards on repair and modification projects.

In 2015 Clarkes Court Boatyard opened and we began to offer our services to yachts and expanded into shipwright projects, signage, painting and polishing works.  Our composite team is highly regarded, and we have many satisfied customers. In 2019 we were able to lease a small area in the yard and build a workshop and office.  This has proven to be of great benefit as we are able to do projects under a covered area on suitable workbenches and have a lock up facility for tools and inventory.

Having an office upstairs allows us to keep good track of the work hours and billing is made much easier.  Our team has expanded, and we have contact with other experienced workers to bring in should we get busy during launching season.  We continue to work directly with many boatyard clients, and we are subcontracted by some of the established companies on site.

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Complete Boat Hull Maintenance & Repairs in Grenada. Based at Clarke’s Court Boatyard & Marina 

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